Shape a Fiberglass Sheets Bumper

Apr 15th

Fiberglass sheets are a good material to create parts vanity car as a designer bumper. The sheets can be shaped to the shape you want and you can then create that shape by blending with polyester. In order to shape a fiberglass bumper, you must first create a shape that will help you shape glass fiber sheets in the size and shape you need.

White Fiberglass Sheets
White Fiberglass Sheets

Create mold, also called plug-in for your custom bumper, using the original bumper as a guide with all the materials working for you. Apply a polyester primer to the plug-in surface, and then grind the primer with 180 grinding paper until the primer is even. Polish the surface to a smooth surface and then let it sit for a day or two. Prepare the glass fiberglass sheets molds by applying an aerosol gel coat to the surface, the thicker the gel coat, the better.

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Apply a layer of pulp bumper surface with a brush, and then put fiberglass cloth on the surface while the plastic is wet. Add several layers of fiberglass by applying one to layer resin, see the previous fiberglass blade is wet and put the next sheet on top. Add 3 to 6 fiberglass sheets on mold in this way. Apply a final layer of resin to the last blade and wait for the resin to dry and cure.

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